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A Lovely Day on the Nile

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Day 9

6:30 wake up call for a 7:30 departure to see our 27th temple. Don't mean to be blasé about a temple that is more that 2000 years old and Egypt's most well preserved, but you start to take these things as everyday landmarks. Getting a bit like Flinders Street Station, Federation Square, and Visy Park.....well not quite like Visy Park. This is the Temple of Horus at Edfu, and was remarkable for it's stories etched into the walls, and how in some parts, Christians have defaced carvings.

We got horse and carriage rides to and from the temple and it was all pretty laid back until we got through the gates and then it was on for young and old with people trying to sell you everything from Egyptian clothes, postcards, carvings, scarves, bracelets, and bloody cigarettes. When I told the guy he was out of luck with the cigarettes, he just dropped his price. I said I didn't want any (of course that excuse never works), and then he dropped the price again. I said that I don't smoke, to which he replied, "you name price, what price you pay". Bloody hell. We even got hassled by a guy telling us that he doesn't hassle! BTW, I was offered 3 camels by a guy holding up 2 fingers for Jacinda this morning....looks like it is a different market in Edfu from Cairo and Luxor. May have held on to my cargo too long. The price is dropping....

When we made it back to the relative safety of the carriage drivers, we were able to relax a bit. No joking, at times we would have up to 10 different guys hassling us for products that we already had, didn't want, or had no time to look at.

Back on the boat we lay around the pool and generally relaxed in the beautiful sunshine. The boat isn't always a refuge though. Last night as we were sailing up the Nile, we could here some guys from the river yelling out, "on board, hello, hello. On board, hello, hello". This went on for about an hour, but when we docked at a lock, I thought it would be interesting to open my cabin sliding door and have a look. "Hello, hello" from above me and there was this guy waving a scarf at me saying, "20 pounds, 20 pounds". I tried ignoring him for as long as I could but our boat was rising and next thing you knew, we were at eye level....and then about 5 others noticed me. I shut my door as I had had enough of this stuff.

The afternoon was spent lying around the pool and having a swim. Very relaxing but another temple loomed at 5pm. This is the Kom Ombo Temple. Fairly interesting to see that the Egyptians, some 2,000 years ago had surgical instruments such as forceps, stethoscopes, saws, needles and all sorts of stuff. All these instruments were carved into the sandstone.

We were back on the boat by 6:30 to sail on to Aswan. Tonight we had a Gumbaya party or some such thing, which basically meant you are supposed to dress up in local gear and get smashed. We all bought various things over the past day or so to wear on the night and it is fair to say, the Anderson's kicked butt. We were also the best at having a crack at the "smashed" bit, but our rivals took off to their cabins.

We have been off air for the past two days, Sam is doing it tough! In the meantime though we have heard about the trouble in Cairo, that I reckon Sam started on our last night there. Whilst it is terrible that a soccer ball kicked towards some military guys can result in severe injury and worse, the trouble is very isolated. Everybody related to tourism is doing it tougher than Sam without Facebook, and really want potential tourists to start coming back to Egypt. We have another few nights in Cairo scattered over the next two weeks and as far as we are aware, we will be staying in the same hotel and our plans won't change. Everyone is extremely welcoming in the areas that we are traveling at the moment.

8:30 start tomorrow, woohoo! A temple in the morning and in the afternoon, a Felucca sail to the Botanical Gardens. Now that we seem to have some Internet coverage, may look to upload a few more photos tomorrow as well.

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Looks like it's time to do the friend thing & help...I was thinking Flash cards :)

i will NOT sell my daughters to you!
I do not want to buy anything from you!
Leave me alone!
I'm not Egyptian, I'm a tourist!

لن أبيع لك ابنتي!
لا أريد لشراء أي شيء من أنت!
ترك لي وحده!
لست المصرية، وأنا سائح!

Perhaps don't use the last one!

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